Paper waste recycling steps

Recycling of paper waste:

  1. Sorting of papers/ or arranging in same colors
  2. Second one is pulping or slurring.
    it can be mechanical or chemical re-pulping (chemical pulping is more efficient).
  3. Then the slurry is dried and pressed, through belt press machine and bleaching is optional to make paper cleaner
  4. Re-pulping results in shortening of fibers (loss in strength) and that’s why we can’t recycle 100% so we have to add 10 to 15 of new fiber
  5. paper consumption in world and 430 million tons and almost 50% is consumed by Asia and 25% by Europe
  6. 10 percent of production is recycled almost 40 to 50 million tons.

Energy consumption in recycled is 170% higher than virgin paper and 360% more residue and CO2 recycling of papers helps us reduction of deforestation but its more energy consuming than virgin paper generation.

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